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Capital Market Consultancy

We at Olaniyi Okin and Co recognize the huge potentials that business organizations can have by accessing the capital market and therefore have leverage on global strategies and data-driven insights to help organizations rethink their business model, manage risk, redefine workplace strategies, improve operational efficiency, give steps towards accessing capital markets, determining suitable financial instruments and more.

Our team provides independent and objective advice on critical capital judgment you will have to make throughout IPO process.

Our approach towards our clients would help prepare for the IPO market, combining industry and sector experience with technical preparation and readiness from our team.

We help clients to navigate the global business and regulatory environment, and define, develop and deliver the strategy.

Election Petition

We handle variety of election cases arising from Local Government, State Government and Federal elections. We also handle intra-party disputes and advise political parties on all the legal aspects of an election.

At Olaniyi Okin and Co, we are well grounded in the various laws both substantive and procedural. Our team is aware about the nitty-gritty of the various processes and procedure of electoral umpires at all levels.

Property And Real Estate

At Olaniyi Okin and Co, we have requisite knowledge and experience on all aspects of real estate transactions. We advise various organization and individuals in respect of property developments and acquisitions.

We give necessary legal opinions to our clients about acquiring a home, commercial property or land to avert unnecessary litigation. We offer services that ranges from legal advisory on property finance, mortgages and property acquisition. We also help in reviewing and drafting of deeds of assignment, leases, registration of titles at land registry and tenancy agreement.

We are seasoned lawyers ready to represent clients on various types of property disputes or related matters, both in and out of courtrooms.

Intellectual Property Practice

At Olaniyi Okin and Co,  we have our Intellectual property team who provide a full-service of intellectual property and providing legal consult for application of property, approving, protection, transfer and dispute settlement of patent, arbitration and litigation in intellectual property infringement, application declaration of patent invalid, licensing, protection, transfer and dispute solving of trademark rights, litigation of patent infringement dispute.

We advise clients along the life cycle of their most important assets, spanning patents, copyrights, trademarks, rights of publicity, trade secrets, and related issues. We combine our prominent litigation and transactional practices, with our well versed regulatory functions, to assist our clients in the development, licensing, protection, exploitation, and enforcement of all forms of Intellectual Property rights.

Personal Injury And Wrongful Death Litigation Under The Workmen Compensation Act

At Olaniyi Okin and Co, we can help you understand the benefits you’re entitled to and help you get the most favorable settlement possible. We can help you recover the most from workers’ compensation and help you understand whether a wrongful death lawsuit may be appropriate.

Our team will guide you in the right direction as to matters relating to a wrongful death suit. We will help surviving family members get adequate compensation and justice. We will fight for successful closure and satisfaction for you because we are humans and we believe situation of such is a difficult time and we provide the necessary compassionate care our clients deserve.

Product Liability

At Olaniyi Okin and Co, our team have experience handling product liability litigation and the depth of knowledge required to address industry and sector-specific issues, such as consumer products and auto industry-related claims.

At Olaniyi Okin and Co, we are well-versed in product liability claims. Our team can help if you have been harmed by a dangerous or ofensive product.

We take pride in helping to carefully assess the harm you have suffered and aggressively pursue a claim on your behalf. Our team will advise you of the damages you may be entitled to claim when injured by a dangerous or ofensive products.

Our team will work hard to help you recover compensation to pay for the medical care and other financial compensation that’s worth it. We have been serving our clients by helping with product liability lawsuits, and now we would love to help you with your case.

Banking And Corporate Finance

At Olaniyi Okin and Co, we handle banks and other financial organizations lending and borrowing transactions. We also ensure compliance with all laws bothering on financial services. Our expertise cut across Project finance, Corporate finance, Asset finance, Real estate finance, Bank lending and Due diligence and compliance.

We advise financial institutions and businesses on legal requirements of financial and investment activities, we negotiate with either lender or borrower to agree on terms of a deal, we carrying out a due diligence on borrower on behalf of a lender, we carry out collateral services to ensure it is genuine, free from encumbrance and properly granted

We draft, review and modify lending documents such as Guarantees, Pledge Agreements, Debentures, Mortgages, Bill of sale among others. We advice on risk management and litigate financial services disputes.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (Adr)

Our Lawyers have in-depth experience in Alternative Dispute Resolution; we understand that you may not like going through the rigor of litigation, we are always prepared to resolve your dispute using negotiation, mediation or Arbitration mechanism. We also draft application of Arbitral clauses.

Company Secretarial Duties

Our company secretarial team convene and attend meetings on behalf of companies, prepare and file statutory returns at Security and Exchange Commission as well as the Corporate Affairs Commission.

We also advice our clients on necessary compliance rules, licensing and permits. We participate at the meetings of the Board and members of the companies, issue notices, produce and keep appropriate minutes and records on their behalf, whilst also giving advice during and after the meetings.

At Olaniyi Okin and Co, we conduct legal due diligence and compliance audit on behalf of our corporate and private clients with good track record of delivering thorough reports.

Litigation (Including Reciprocal Enforcement Of Foreign Judgments), Commercial And Corporate Practice.

Our litigation team is headed by our Principal partner with over 39 years of active litigation practice. Our litigation team adopts an integrated approach which cuts across all our practice areas in providing specialized services to our clients.  We have in-depth experience in litigating corporate and commercial disputes, environmental law related disputes, industrial relations disputes, disputes in the banking and finance industry, receiverships, assets recovery, real estate claims, as well as divorce cases.

We have successfully handled countless debt recovery cases for financial institutions, and we also provide comprehensive debt recovery solutions to our clients. We also specialize in enforcement of foreign judgments.